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2012 December 04

Carbon taxes can efficiently transform energy systems

COP18 (29/11/12) – Kjell Andersson, Policy Advisor at the World Bioenergy Association, argues that bioenergy and carbon taxes are a key part of our solution to climate change.
 Andersson explains that bioenergy is the leading fuel in Sweden and should be better rolled out internationally.

Andersson advocates the implementation of a global carbon tax. He asserts that polluters should pay the cost of the negative impact of fossil fuels and this is a good way of doing that.

Andersson argues that objections to carbon taxes are mainly political. He sees Sweden’s ‘tax switch’ – a lowering of income tax simultaneous to the implementation of a carbon tax – as a could way of getting around this.

Andersson closes by expressing his regret that Poland and the Czech Republic are blocking proposals for a Europe-wide minimum carbon tax.

Watch the webcast here.