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2014 January 28

WBA Press Release - Report on latest EU Climate Policy

WBA Press Release on EU 40% target for 2030
January 28th 2014, Stockholm

Download the press release here

World Bioenergy Association on the proposals for the EU Commission on the new climate policy. Minus 40% CO2 emission a minimum target, 27 percent renewables in 2030 not acceptable!

“The proposal of the EU Commission to reduce the CO2 emissions by 40% until 2030 in Europe is a reasonable minimum target and demonstrates the willingness of the EU Commission to tackle the climate problem seriously; yet, a higher reduction target would have been better to mitigate climate change” comments the president of the World Bioenergy Association, Heinz Kopetz. The reduction of the emissions by 40% until 2030 is an intermediate step, however a reduction target at least 50% by 2035 should be in place with the continued compliance of the 2°C target.

The discussion must now begin to agree which sectors of the energy system have to reduce the CO2 emissions the most. It would be a wrong choice to reduce the emissions mainly in the industrial sector – this would weaken the European economy and might lead to job losses. The CO2 emissions should be reduced predominantly in the heating sector and in electricity production. The increased use of renewable energies in these parts of the energy system can rapidly replace fossil fuels and simultaneously, in many cases, reduce the energy costs. A European carbon tax and national feed in tariffs can best support this transition.

"On the other hand” continues Kopetz “the proposal of the EU Commission to increase the share of Renewables to only 27% until 2030 is unbalanced and impractical. A worldwide overview makes it clear: this proposal is untenable.”
In 2012 the share of renewables in Sweden reached 50%, in Brazil around 48% and the UN target within the global campaign “Sustainable Energy for All” is 36% for 2030 worldwide. IRENA, the International Renewable Energy Agency just published a few days ago in Abu Dhabi a study showing that 36% renewable energy worldwide is reachable given appropriate support policies.

With the idea to increase the share of renewables within Europe to only 27% by 2030, the European Commission has acted as a global speed bump in the development and implementation of one of the key sustainable energy technologies of the future. Following this proposal Europe would not lead the development but lag behind other parts of the world, even behind the official UN targets. And Kopetz adds: “With a share of only 27% renewables in 2030 Europe will not be able to fulfil the climate targets even if some countries boost the installation of new, expensive and dangerous nuclear power stations” and Kopetz continues: “With respect to energy security and climate mitigation Europe needs at least a share of 45% renewables by 2030."

For more information and comments, please contact Heinz Kopetz, President WBA, +436506806988, Karin Haara, Executive Director WBA, +46705432641,