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2014 June 04

NEW! - First Ever WBA Global Bioenergy Statistics 2014

Bioenergy contributed more than 14% to the global energy mix!

Download the Press Release HERE

Lead Author - Bharadwaj Kummamuru at the presentation of the report, 4th June 2014.

Today, World Bioenergy Association (WBA) has released the ‘WBA Global Bioenergy Statistics 2014’ report at the World Bioenergy 2014 conference in Jönköping, Sweden. 

“A major challenge in formulating policy decisions for renewable energy is the significant knowledge in bioenergy data. This report is the result of a pilot project to address this issue. In the future this report on global bioenergy statistics will be published every year in June.” says Heinz Kopetz, President of WBA.

Some of the key figures from the report:
• Renewables contributed 18.3% to the global energy mix with bioenergy contributing 14.1%.
• Solid biomass supplied 89% of the total bioenergy 
• More than 90% of bioenergy is used for heat - the rest being transport and electricity.
• 70% of the global biofuel production comes from Americas while Europe was a leader in using biomass for heat in energy conversion plants.
• Asia and Africa are the leading users of biomass.
The objective of this report was to cover all aspects of bioenergy – supply, conversion and end use as well as provide rule of thumb figures. This helps in assisting policy decision makers, companies and researchers. Moreover, the data is divided into geographical levels – global, continental and regional. Some special sectors like pyrolysis oil, torrefaction, pellets etc. are mentioned in this report. 
The current statistics on bioenergy have issues regarding data consistency and lack of interrelations between all aspects of bioenergy. This often hinders the communication of biomass potential in global energy mix. WBA aims at tackling this statistical issues on bioenergy and this report is the first attempt by WBA to provide a comprehensive overview of the bioenergy statistics.
This is a work in progress and WBA would appreciate any feedback on this report.