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2014 July 10

WBA Plea: For a responsible European energy and climate policy

WBA Plea

World Bioenergy Association (WBA) congratulates the new Members of European Parliament (MEP) for their responsibility in the European level. We wish them great success in developing a sustainable European future.

The European Union is an important player on the global level and its energy and climate policy exerts a big influence worldwide. At the begining of this century, the EU - led by a farsighted commission - played a pioneering role in the deployment of renewable energies worldwide. Unfortunately, based on our global experience and overview, we notice today that Europe as a whole has lost its leading position in the deployment of renewables in the last years to other parts of the world. 

Hence, WBA has prepared a plea to the new MEP's for 'A responsile European energy and climate policy'. The plea has been sent to more than 250 members who are responsible for formulating European policy which affects bioenergy. 

In the plea, WBA requests them to:

Set reliable targets for energy and climate policy for the year 2035 as 
  • Reduction of COemissions by more than 50% as compared to 1990
  • Share of more than 45% renewables in the energy mix
  • Halving of fossil fuels as compared to 2010
Set consistant policies for heat, electricity and transport sectors
  • Put a price on carbon emissions through carbon tax
  • Freedom to member states to decide upon appropriate policies
  • Continuation of European policies on energy efficiency 
You can access the full plea here

For a detailed paper on role of bioenergy in Europe, click here to download "The future contribution of bioenergy to the European energy system'.