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2017 January 25

WBA urges for global bioenergy development

5th Central European Bioenergy Conference

Press release

WBA urges for global bioenergy development to mitigate climate change at 5th Central European Bioenergy Conference, Graz

With more than 1000 registered delegates and speakers from 30 nations, the 5th Central European Bioenergy Conference (CEBC) continued its tradition as the leading bioenergy event in the region. The event included many bioenergy companies showcasing technologies, equipment and innovation. As always, World Bioenergy Association was present at the event promoting bioenergy.

WBA conducted the World Bioenergy Day on 18th January 2017 at CEBC. The session was a global gathering of bioenergy experts worldwide. The session was opened by President of Austrian Biomass Conference Mr. Josef Plank. The agreement throughout the event was that bioenergy will play a vital role in the future energy mix if the targets for global energy and climate are to be met.

There was considerable variety in terms of current potential, use, policy initiatives, technology etc. in different regions. The World Bioenergy Day was divided into 3 sessions: Biomass as export fuel, Business and research effects of bioenergy and biomass investments worldwide. Speakers from Turkey, Japan, China, Europe, Singapore, Canada, Australia discussed challenges, initiatives and possible investment opportunities for bioenergy. These were the prevailing themes:
  • There will be a shift of markets from Europe and America to Asia for bioenergy
  • Agricultural residues are underutilized globally and have potential to satisfy energy needs and reduce environmental pollution
  • Financing, technology and knowledge transfer are essential for global bioenergy development
  • Municipal solid waste to energy technology will be crucial for developing countries
“CEBC is one of the world’s premier bioenergy event and WBA is glad to be able to participate at such a huge gathering of bioenergy experts. I appreciate the organizers of the event for such a successful conference which included exciting speeches and networking opportunities. Bioenergy is a crucial part of the renewable energy mix and events such as this promote the idea that it will be the major renewable energy source for the future as well” – says Remigijus Lapinskas, President, WBA

The key message from the CEBC conference was delivered in the Graz Declaration signed by WBA, AEBIOM and national associations from Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Germany:
  • A general pricing on fossil CO2 emissions to progressively reach 100 euro/ton CO2
  • A renewable heat strategy for district heat, industrial and residential heating
  • Blending obligations for biofuels
  • An integrated concept to mobilise biomass for energy
  • Promoting integration of all renewables along with biomass for electricity generation

More details of the World Bioenergy Day can be accessed here.

The declaration can be accessed here.

Download the press release here.

WBA in Graz, Austria, January 2017