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2024 May 20

Atvos joins WBA

We are pleased to announce that Atvos is now a new member of the World Bioenergy Association.
Atvos is one of the leading biofuels producers in Brazil and has over 10,000 team members who work in eight agroindustrial plants and two corporate offices. Using sugarcane as its raw material, the company has the capacity to produce around 3.3 billion liters of ethanol, 750,000 metric tons of VHP sugar, in addition to co-generating approximately 4,200 GWh of electricity from biomass.
As a relevant player in the generation of clean and renewable energy, the company is one of the country’s main issuers of decarbonization credits (CBIOs) and has renewed the RenovaBio certification of all its agro-industrial units until 2025. The company has recently announced an investment to build its first biomethane factory in Brazil and is also aiming to start producing SAF in the coming years.