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2023 October 30 - 2023 November 04

ISES Solar World Congress 2023

Date: 30 October - 04 November 

Location: New Delhi, India

Taking place in New Delhi, India, from 30 October - 04 November 2023, the ISES Solar World Congress will provide a forum for scientists and researchers, engineers, architects, and representatives from industry and business to present and discuss their latest findings, developments and perspectives. SWC was in India in 1978 for the largest conference up to now and we are thrilled to come back to India this year. India has proven remarkable global leadership in solar energy development and pursues ambitious plans to further move towards a renewable future, impressively scaling up solar energy use.

The SWC 23 will offer a dedicated programme including plenary sessions, keynote addresses, technical oral and poster sessions, workshops, technical tours, special events for young researchers as well as social events where you will have the opportunity to network, meet old friends and to make new ones. ISES SWC 2023 will give you a chance to present your work, meet researchers, developers and industry and government representatives, and send you home inspired and motivated to continue moving the world towards 100% renewable energy.


The themes for the SWC 2023 are: 

Electrical Components, Systems and Applications

1. PV Cell Technologies

  • c-si photovoltaics, perovskite solar cell
  • innovative PV, emerging solar cell technologies 
  • other innovations, technologies or applications

2. Innovative Application of PV Technologies

  • accelerating agrivoltaics
  • floating PV
  • other innovations, technologies or applications


Thermal Components, Systems and Applications

3. Solar Thermal Power

  • CSP
  • other innovations, technologies or applications

4. Renewable and Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems

  • renewable heating and cooling
  • solar energy and heat pumps 
  • innovative industrial process heat
  • innovative district heating and cooling
  • other innovations, technologies or applications


Cross Cutting Subjects

5. Grid Integration and Sector Coupling

  • smart grids
  • grid stabilization
  • other innovations, technologies or applications

6. Solar Buildings and Urban and Neighborhood Design

  • daylighting
  • almost zero energy buildings
  • energetic renovation of buildings
  • energy supply for neigbourhoods and cities
  • other innovations, technologies or applications

7. Rural Energy Supply

8. System Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization

9. Testing, Certification and Monitoring

  • electrical systems 
  • thermal systems
  • other innovations, technologies or applications

10. Circular Economy, Recycling

  • towards net -zero manufacturing practices 
  • other innovations, technologies or applications

11. Solar Resource Assessment and Energy Meteorology

12. Perspectives for a 100% Renewable Energy World

  • renewable energy education
  • solar energy and climate resilience
  • workforce development and jobs in renewable energy
  • solar history
  • renewable energy strategies, scenarios, financing and policies

13. Solar Photocatalysis and Solar Fuel Production

  • green hydrogen
  • green ammonia
  • hydrocarbon compounds and others


For more information, visit https://www.swc2023.org/home-swc-2023