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2017 October 23

Renewables working together - Side event at COP23

Since COP21, renewable energies have taken centre stage in the climate change process. The REN Alliance will hold a side-event during the UN Climate Change Conference November 2017 (COP 23/CMP 13) in Bonn, Germany entitled: Renewables Working Together: Staying below 1.5°C with Renewable Energy.

The event takes place on Monday 06 November at 15:00 in meeting room 9, Bonn Zone, COP23.

Solar, wind, bioenergy, hydro and geothermal offer real and ready solutions to combat climate change and are key tools in reducing effects of climate change. The side event will showcase examples of the strengths of renewable energies and how they can be deployed in order to stay below 1.5°C increase 

Speakers: Speakers and panelists will be representatives of the different renewable energy sectors and experts working at different geographical levels in renewable energy deployment. Following the presentations the panelist will discuss how to replicate and scale up these best practice cases.

The REN Alliance partners are:

  • International Geothermal Association, IGA
  • International Hydropower Association, IHA
  • International Solar Energy Society, ISES
  • World Bioenergy Association, WBA
  • World Wind Energy Association, WWEA

A complete list of side events is available here: Link

Download the flyer here