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2017 October 11

Lithuanian’s Bioenergy Day: from 11th October, Lithuanian relies on bioenergy

Vilnius – October 11, 2017

2017 is pivotal for the future of bioenergy across Europe and Lithuania. Bioenergy in particular is expected to provide Lithuania with 81 days of energy. As the EU discusses its new renewable energy objectives – including policies with significant impact on Lithuania –Lithuanian Biomass Energy Association LITBIOMAhas joined a group of 20 other associationsin the launch of a new information campaign to remind the leading role played by bioenergy in the energy transition.

For the EU as a whole, this means that all energy use from 11 October until the end of the year will come from bioenergy, and therefore AEBIOM will celebrate the European Bioenergy Day on 21 November.

"This year Bioenergy day in Lithuania is mentioned more than a month earlier then in Europe. It once again confirms that we are among the leaders of the countries that relies on bioenergy. Not only we support but also dictate the overall European pace of developing biomass energy as a kind of future energy. Currently, Lithuania is rightly considered to be the leader of green energy, as renewable energy resources in the total balance of the country already reach almost 26 percent", – says Virginijus Ramanauskas, president of LITBIOMA.

LITBIOMA, joining the Bioenergy day campaign, together with the European Biomass Energy Association AEBIOM and other countries, is aiming to highlight the importance and prospects of this renewable energy source and encouraging the complete abandonment of fossil fuels in the future. This goal is part of Lithuanian Strategic Plan for the Renewed National Energy Independence. For the first time in the history of the country, it sets the target for the 100 % transition to renewable energy in the electricity and heat sectors by 2050.

Relevant country data, presented in a plain, figurative way, can be found online on the Bioenergy Day website, which will not only gather inspirational stories on bioenergy fromEU countries, including Lithuania, but also a quiz to test your knowledge on the EU energy transition and creative comparisons, so that both experts and novices can have a fresh perspective on bioenergy.

On the occasion of the European Bioenergy Day, LITBIOMA plans to publish a publication dedicated to the review of the Lithuanian biomass energy sector, which will present the progress of country, achievements in this sector and the activities of the Association LITBIOMA.

European Bioenergy Day campaign: The campaign is powered by the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) and actively relayed across Europe by both national and international partners supporting the belief that bioenergy is more than renewable energy source, but a reliable path that will lead Europe to achieve its renewable energy transition in the shortest span of time.Visit the European Bioenergy Day website:


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