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2014 February 19

World Bioenergy Award – the greatest acknowledgement for great work in the field of bioenergy

Nominate your candidate before 14th of March!
World Bioenergy Award price ceremony



The World Bioenergy Award was presented by Energy Minister Anna-Karin Hatt together with Kent Nyström of World Bioenergy Association and the initiator of the award. Photo: Elmia

Every World Bioenergy has a certain important winner – the winner of the World Bioenergy Award. The acknowledgment is given to someone who has made a difference in the world of bioenergy and the last day for submission of nominations is the 14th of March. 

The winner of the World Bioenergy Award 2012 was Mr. Harry Stokes, USA, for his revolutionary global work in developing and promoting clean ethanol stoves and fuels for people who are still constrained to cook with dirty, smoky fuel. The award meant a lot for Harry Stokes and for his team. 

“The award has provided us with a boost, or moral support, for what we do. It is nice to be recognized for what we do. But the work continues unabated and only hard work can change the way in which the world uses energy”
, says Harry Stokes. Read more about Harry Stokes work.

The World Bioenergy Award is intended to serve as an inspiration to professionals in that field. Now we are looking forward to see a lot of nominees, individuals like Harry Stokes who can work in winning ways for bioenergy and a good future for the world.

Individuals in the field of science, business or politic, regardless of where in the world they are active, are welcome as nominees, and anyone can nominate a candidate. The final winner will be announced on 3 June 2014 at the opening session of the World Bioenergy conference and exhibition at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden. Last day for submission of nomination for The World Bioenergy Award is 7 March. 

Read more about The World Bioenergy Award and the submission of nominations here.