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2015 January 27

Oil price drop as tool to fight fossil carbon emissions

WBA and AEBIOM initiative

We call upon governments to take the low price of oil as a window of opportunity to act against fossil carbon emissions!

WBA and AEBIOM (European Biomass Association) are calling upon the governments to seize the opportunity presented by the oil price drop to act against fossil emissions. There has rarely been such an opportunity for the global community to take action against fossil carbon emissions and global warming as there is now, in January of 2015.

Every government should act on their own, not waiting for a global agreement. There is convincing research showing that carbon emission fees are the most efficient general method to combat climate change and has several benefits. Sweden is one of the pioneers in the implementation of carbon tax. 

Carbon dioxide fees have the potential to give many countries a better trade balance and energy security, and at the same time drastically reduce dependency on fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions to mitigate climate change.

Kindly share this message within your networks. 

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