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2023 November 28

Webinar 8 - Liquid biofuels as critical solution for decarbonizing transport

Date: 28th November 2023   

Time: 11.00 CET


The transport sector holds a substantial share, contributing nearly a quarter of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. As we strive to address climate challenges, solving the puzzle of decarbonizing transportation becomes paramount. Biofuels, derived from renewable biomass sources, present a compelling alternative to traditional fossil fuels, offering a pathway towards greener and more sustainable mobility. From bioethanol and biodiesel to advanced biofuels, the potential of these clean energy sources holds immense promise for revolutionizing the way we move in not just road transport, but also aviation, maritime, and stationary applications. 

The webinar organized by the World Bioenergy Association “Liquid biofuels as critical solution for decarbonizing transport” aims to delve into the dynamic landscape of biofuels for transport, examining the latest innovations, policy frameworks, and successful case studies that demonstrate their viability.  

The webinar will feature a lineup of experienced speakers, experts who are at the forefront of the biofuels revolution around the world. They will share their invaluable insights and experiences, offering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in scaling up biofuels for transport.  


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