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2022 September 20

Bioenergy is an important part of the Indian energy transition

World Bioenergy Association (WBA) and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) jointly organized the 1st ever Indian Bioenergy and Climate Change Forum 2022 on September 20, 2022, at Welcome hotel Rama International in Aurangabad, India. The half day event had speakers presenting the latest developments in bioenergy technology, industrial heat use, clean cooking, financing, solar PV and other renewables. 

The initial welcome remarks were delivered by Ms. Ketaki Kokil, Director of Ecosense Appliances Pvt. Ltd – a leading cookstoves manufacturing company based in Aurangabad. It followed special address from Chairman of CII Marathwada Zonal Council, World Bioenergy Association and CII Maharashtra State Council. 

The first session focused on the status of bioenergy development and role of bioenergy in future scenarios. A scene setting presentation by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) showed the critical role of bioenergy in the global energy transition and steps to be taken by India to realize the potential of biomass use. This was followed by key presentations from which highlighted case studies of densification and biogas development. 

Session II had representatives from industries such as automotive and beverage companies which highlighted the role of biomass in decarbonizing hard to abate sectors. Critical role of engaging the community in bioenergy projects was highlighted.

The focus of Session III was on the important aspect of clean cooking solutions in the Indian context of waste to energy. Leading entrepreneurs from around the world showcased their clean cooking solutions including improved fuels and cookstoves. This was a critical part of the event as billions of people are still reliant on inefficient fuels and equipment for cooking leading to a significant health and environmental hazard. 

The last session had speakers from renewable energy companies that showcased innovative technologies and solutions for deploying solar energy in food processing, textiles, and communities. The final concluding remarks were delivered by World Bioenergy Association followed by lunch for all the delegates. 

WBA would like to express our sincere appreciation to Ecosense Appliances Pvt. Ltd along with CII Marathwada Zonal Council for their incredible support in organizing the Indian Bioenergy and Climate Change Forum 2022 and we look forward to furthering engagement in the region to promote bioenergy in Aurangabad as an inspiration for the rest of the country. 

The complete recording of the event is available here to view on demand: YouTube

Program is attached here: Agenda