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2021 November 01

WBA presents “Bioenergy for the Future”

Launching November 2021 – WBA and ITN Productions Industry News will be co-creators of a news-style programme, exploring the latest innovations, insights, technologies, solutions, and future trends in the bioenergy sector.

It is widely recognized that bioenergy has an important role to play to allow the world to meet its energy and climate change objectives. In the run up to COP26, Bioenergy for the Future will offer unique insights into the bioenergy sector and will add clarity and expertise to the complex bioenergy landscape. The programme will explore the current utilization of bioenergy around the world and its future potential as an important sector for decarbonizing the energy system towards a net zero world by mid-century. 

ITN Productions reporters, industry experts and leading organisations will discuss global initiatives, highlight best practices and knowledge within the sector, shine a spotlight on significant contributions to societal and global advancements, address key industry opportunities and challenges, and showcase examples of the most innovative companies, research, and cutting-edge technologies fuelling future potential.

The programme is planned to launch at COP26* in November 2021. Bioenergy for the Future will combine key sector interviews, informative news items, sponsored editorial profiles and will form part of an extensive communications campaign featuring WBA members and professional partners. 

Christian Rakos, President of the World Bioenergy Association said: “Few people are aware of the huge technological progress that has been made in bioenergy use. Communicating the opportunities these new technologies offer is key to make sure policy makers consider bioenergy as option for decarbonizing our economy. ITN Productions is, for us, the perfect partner to address this communication challenge.

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Productions Industry News said: “We are excited to be working with WBA to make a programme that engages with both businesses in the bioenergy sector as well as non-energy users of biomass in addressing the current, key stories associated with the industry and celebrating the positive news that dont always make the headlines.

For more information or to participate in the programme please contact Tamsin Luck, Programming Director, Industry News at ITN Productions: Tamsin.luck@itn.co.uk. 

* Pending decision of COP26 event organisers in May/June 2021.

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