Bioenergy magazine


Bioenergy magazine

The bioenergy business needs a voice on the international arena. During the launch of the World Bioenergy Association in Jönköping, Sweden at the World Bioenergy Conference, a magazine was released with the objective of spreading the message on the need for a global association of bioenergy. Five magazines have been released since 2008 keeping track on the development of WBA as an organization along with developments in the bioenergy field.

WBA is pleased to announce a new series of magazines focussing on the latest trends and developments in the bioenergy sector. WBA will publish the Magazine twice every year in September/October and March/April. Do you want to advertise? Contact us -

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New - Bioenergy Magazine #8      
Bioenergy magazine nr. 1 Bioenergy magazine nr. 2 Bioenergy magazine nr. 3 Bioenergy magazine nr. 4
Bioenergy magazine nr. 5  Bioenergy Magazine nr. 6  Bioenergy Magazine nr. 7