2023 April 27

WBA President Christian Rakos Attended Forum on High Quality Development of Biomass Heating Industry

Forum on High Quality Development of Biomass Heating Industry, organized by the China Association of Rural Energy Industry (CAREI), was held in Ji’nan City, Shandong Province on April 27, 2023. Over 300 representatives from government, universities, industry companies and media sectors across the country attended the forum. Christian, Rakos the President of World Bioenergy Association(WBA), was invited to participate in the forum and deliver a keynote speech online. Prof. LIU Guangqing, Chairman of Clean Stove Committee of CAREI and Director of Biomass Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Center of BUCT presided the forum.

Themed "New Pattern of Clean Heating and Low-carbon Rural Ecology," this forum focused on the green and low-carbon transformation of rural energy, analyzed the new situation of clean biomass heating, exchanged experiences and shared achievements, restructured the new ecology of clean heating market, and led the high-quality development of the biomass heating industry.

Christian Rakos gave a congratulatory speech for this forum and also delivered a keynote presentation on the development of clean heating in Austria. Austria's heating experience with the participants. Austria has a long history of biomass heating, with about 30% of heating demand supplied by biomass energy resources. Austria has a long-term heating strategy, and its clear policy orientation provides guarantees for the supply of high-quality biomass energy and sustainable development paths in the heating industry. Austria's biomass boiler technology is at the leading level in the world, and pellet boiler sales have been increasing year by year against the backdrop of rising fossil fuel prices. The Austrian government is about to ensure the scale of biomass heating through the Renewable Heat Act and the high-demand market. As a forest industry giant, Austria processes the remaining materials in forestry production for reuse, making it a strong link in the biomass supply chain. Finally, Christian expressed his high regard and earnest expectations for the international cooperation between China and Austria and all other countries in the field of bioenergy.

During this forum, more than 100 organizations in this field jointly released a declaration on the high-quality development of biomass clean heating and heating industry.